Ongoing Projects

ProjectPositionResponsibilityPartner OrganizationsYear
Municipal COVID-19 Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Assessment, NepalDisaster Risk Mitigation and risk-sensitive land-use planningDevelop methodology and tools for multi-hazard municipal risk profile and identify required data for the preparation of risk sensitive land use planning (RUSLP). World Bank/GeoAdaptative/NAXA/Utopia/Zite2021-2022
Impact assessment of Kulekhani 1,2 and 3 HEP on water resource management, watershed management associated with socioeconomic and livelihood GeologistGeological and landslide hazard mapping of the project area. Prepared the geological map from the field as well as satellite imagery.Water Resources Research and Development Center, Government of Nepal/Ioe, Nepal2021-2022
Multi-hazard vulnerability and risk assessment in lower Dudhkoshi watershedGeologist/Landslide risk assessment expertGeological and landslide hazard mapping of the project area. Field visit and data collection of the Dudhkoshi watershed. Contributed to the preparation of Multi-hazard map preparation. Ensure the quality of the assignment, track the progress and accomplish on time.UNDP/IoE2021-2022
An Integrated Approach to Identify the Main Controlling Factors of Regional Debris Flow Susceptibility Based on Machine Learning Co-InvestigatorIdentification of debris flow sites and modelling. Interpretation of susceptibility map prepared based on machine learning.Sichuan University, China2019-2023
Dynamic risk assessment and early warning technology of rainstorm, flood, water and sediment disaster in mountainous areaCo-InvestigatorDevelopment of flood risk assessment criteriaNational Key Research and Development Plan, China2020-2024
Filling in the Central Himalayan Seismic Gap: A Structural, Neotectonic, and Paleoseismic Investigation of the Western Nepal Fault SystemCo-InvestigatorStudy fault systems in the western Nepal Himalaya and understand the important with paleo-seismic analysisNational Science Foundation, USA; University of Houston and Tribhuvan University2019-2021
Multi-hazard Urban Risk Transition HubCo-InvestigatorStudy the natural disaster and its impacts in the urban areas in NepalEdinburgh University, Tribhuvan University, Practical Action, NSET2019-2024