Completed Projects

ProjectPositionResponsibilityCollaborative Partnersyear
Municipal COVID-19 Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Assessment, NepalDisaster Risk Mitigation and risk-sensitive land-use planningDevelop methodology and tools for multi-hazard municipal risk profile and identify required data for the preparation of risk sensitive land use planning (RUSLP). World Bank/GeoAdaptative/NAXA/Utopia/Zite2021-2022
Piloting of Household level risk assessment tool in Bheemdatt Municipality, Kanchanpur, Sudurpaschim Team leaderOverall leadership, provide technical inputs for the implementation of household-level risk assessment in the project locations, guidance to analyse risks associated with households, vulnerability classification, web-based data visualization, and delivering quality outputs, design and implementation of capacity development plans on risk financing solutions using the digital system, Liaise with the local government officials and partner organizations to develop/recommend evidence-based innovative approaches for the uptake and implementation of risk financing programs or solutionsADPC-CIC2022-2022
Development of digital application for the optimal integration of gender-sensitive community-based landslide early warning system and household disaster preparedness and response plan for anticipatory actionsTeam leaderLead the team to develop the mobile application and web-based platform, responsible for coordinating and liaison with the client representatives, project teal and relevant stakeholders. Assign team members and guidance to undertake respective assignment, track the progress for the preparation of anticipatory actions of Community based landslide early warning.Plan international/NAXA Pvt. Ltd2022-2022
Preliminary assessment of Kamalpokhari flood hazard and risk reduction measuresEngineering GeologistGeological and geomorphological analysis of the Kamalpokhari, Kaski. Collection of flood hazard information and bed-level change, Preparation of geohazard assessment and propose possible protection measures of the KamalpokhariNepal Urban Resilient Programme (NURP)2022=2022
Developing FAO anticipatory Action and Shock Responsive Social Protection Programme in NepalNational Impact Assessment expertCollection of past loss and damage agricultural data and impact analysis with a focus on flood prone Anticipatory Action pilot target province of Nepal, finalization of FAO AA protocol, develop survey methodology and plan, lead the file survey and identify the community volunteers for FAO’s anticipatory actions, Nepal institute of Development studies2022-2022
Air pollution Induced Disaster Management National Action Plan 2079Disaster Risk Management ExpertCollection and review of air pollution status in Nepal, develop action plan for air pollution risk reduction and prepare nationwide disaster risk management planNDRRM, Nepal2022-2022
An Integrated Approach to Identify the Main Controlling Factors of Regional Debris Flow Susceptibility Based on Machine Learning Co-InvestigatorIdentification of debris flow sites and modelling. Interpretation of susceptibility map prepared based on machine learning.Sichuan University, China2019-2023
Development of Risk Sensitive Landuse planning in the Nepalese MunicipalitiesMulti-hazard expertMulti-hazard risk assessment, loss and damage calculationUSAID/DAI/NDC2021-2021
Strengthening livelihoods of the vulnerable people through community-based landslide risk reduction interventions in the earthquake-affected district, NepalLandslide expertConduct the existing landslide hazards and landslide early warning system practices in Nepal to prevent loss of lives and their assets, review major landslides/debris flow events in Nepal while collecting disaster information in Nepal. Explore potential areas for capacity building of federal and local government’s actors and local CBOs to address landslide risk reduction and explore the best possible ways of collaboration and replication of the best practices in similar problematic areas through the government’s regular development programs.FAO2021-2021
Providing consultation service for Bagmati Provincial Assembly and Province Number 2 on Natural Resource Management and Disaster Preparedness for Relevant CommitteesClimate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk ReductionProvide orientation to the members of the Natural Resource and Environment Committee on key technical aspect of the Chure conservation and DRR, climate actions related to SDGs, agenda and role of Member of Parliaments. Prepare a comprehensive report from the study with recommendations to reduce/manage the impacts of the disaster in the Bagmati Province, Nepal.UNDP2021-2021
Development of Provincial Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan of Sudurpaschim Province and Karnali ProvinceClimate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction expertProvide orientation to the members of the Natural Resource and Environment Committee on key technical aspect of the Chure conservation and DRR, climate actions related to SDGs, agenda and role of Member of Parliaments. Prepare a comprehensive report from the study with recommendations to reduce/manage the impacts of the disaster in the Bagmati Province, Nepal.UNDP/WWF2021-2021
Study on opportunities for investment in Nature-based Solution in Lower Karnali flood exposed PalikasNature-based solution expertIdentification of potential sites for nature-based solution intervention in the Karnali flood affected palikas with the help of GIS and community interaction. Opportunity mapping for the communities for income generation.Practical Action2021-2021
Geomorphic River classification for NepalTeam leaderGeomorphic classification of rivers on the major characteristics that shape the physical template of rivers across NepalWWF2020
Illuminating the speed of sand-quantifying sediment transport using optically stimulated luminescenceCo-InvestigatorCarry out the field investigation to understand the sedimentary depositional environment of Pokhara valley and preparation of OSL sampleUniversity of Potsdam, Germany; Wageningen university, The Netherlands2019-2020
Disaster risk
assessment in the Belt and Road countries: A special focus on Sino-Nepal road corridor
Principal InvestigatorConcept design, overall team leading, identification of different responsible factors for landslide risk in the belt and road corridors.Sichuan University, China and Tribhuvan University, Nepal2018-2019
Preparation of Urban Sustainability Index in NepalEnvironment expertPreparation of environmental indicators for Urban Sustainability index. Presentation of data using GISNational Planning Commission, Nepal2017-2018
A study on Reliability and Effectiveness of Flood Early Warning System in Nepal: Lessons learnt and Way forward, NepalTeam LeaderDocumentation of flood EWS and access the factors playing roles in sustainability of EWS in national level, recommendation appropriate policy needs for substantially enhancing flood EWS.Practical Action, Nepal2018
Preparation of land zoning map in Gaupalika Level, NepalTeam LeaderPreparation of present land use, soil land capability, Land-use zoning, cadastral layer, superimpose and municipal profile in GIS platform.NLUP, Nepal2017-2018
Threshold calculation for floods and Landslides in Selected Watershed/Sub-watersheds and Deliver Community Based EWS Trainings for Two Communities in Sindhupalchowk and Surkhet Districts, NepalEngineering geologistIdentification of land surface and landslides interaction and calculation of rainfall threshold for landslides and floods. Preparation of index maps in GIS environmentUNDP, Nepal2017-2018
Nepal Urban Resilience ProjectEnvironment Risk AnalystEnvironmental indicators identification for risk analysis in selected municipalities. Identification of Solid, electronic and industrial waste, hazardous waste, landslide, flood etc. DFID, ADRA Nepal, NDRC2017-2018
Soil Hydraulic Assessment for slope stability using Slope Index Map at Kavre DistrictEngineering GeologistGeological investigation of the area with slope stability analysis for disaster risk reduction.Nepal Agricultural Research Council, GoN, Nepal2017-2018
Landslide hazard mapping in the Nepalese HimalayaPrincipal InvestigatorStudy of landslide, interaction with community, preparation of landslide risk map, developed methodology for landslide risk mapping in the local context, field investigation, training to local level engineer and policy makers triggered by earthquake.FAO, UN2017-2018
Perturbation of Earth Surface Systems by EarthquakesCo-InvestigatorInvestigation of the interaction between earthquake and hill slope movement in the Nepal HimalayaHelmholtz Centre Potsdam, GFZ Germany2015-2018
DRR initiatives for Landslide treatment and monitoring training in Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts of NepalTeam leader/ Landslide expertlandslide monitoring and stabilization by using different local technology and materials and training for the local peopleSave the Children, Nepal2018
Dynamic Flood Topographies in the Terai, Nepal; community perception and resilience,Co-Investigatorgeneration of high resolution of DEM in the Karnali River and long-term dynamic flood modeling for early warning systemUniversity of Edinburgh, England and Practical Action, Nepal2018
Enhancement of urban disaster resilience through activities of local participatory platform, NepalCo-Investigatorenhance resilience of cities against natural disasters through capacity buildings of stakeholders in Kathmandu, Nepal and Yangon, Myanmar.Kyoto University, Japan; NSET, Nepal; Centre for Disaster Studies, TU; Lalitpur and Karyabinayk Municipalities2017
Impacts of the earthquake 2072 on selected protected area (Langtang, Shivapuri, Sangarmatha, Makalubarun, Manaslu and Gauri Shankar Protected areas) Nepal.Engineering GeologistIdentification of landslides and threat to bio-diversity due to earthquakeDepartment of National Parks and Wildlife conservation, Government of Nepal, Practical Solution Pvt. LTD.2016
Present Land Use, Soil, Land Capability, Land Use Zoning, Cadastral Layer Superimpose and VDC profile, Sunsari district, Nepal.Team LeaderOverall team management, guidance and monitoring for land use zoning and risk mapping up to VDC levelMinistry of Land Reform and Management2016
Pro-poor environmentally sustainable Green Recovery and Rehabilitation Plans in Kabhrepalanchowk and Myagdi districts, NepalTeam Leader/ Disaster Risk Management ExpertMulti-hazard mapping and preparation of GRRP in different districts.Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development2015
Detailed assessment, Master plans and technical documents for Schools in Sindhupalchowk district.Engineering GeologistIdentification of different hazard for safe place to construct schoolCARITAS Switzerland2015
Detail study of earthquake triggered landslides and liquefaction in the different part of Nepal. Engineering GeologistReconnaissance study of EarthquakeGeotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance, USA2015
Nationwide Risk Assessment-Stocktaking and preparation PhaseGeologistProvided professional input on nationwide consultation and prepare methodology for risk assessment, Stocktaking of natural hazard and risk assessment. DFID/Evidence on demand, UK, Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC)2015
Climate Risks Assessment and Integrated Watershed Management Plan of Riu-Khola Sub-watershed, Maadi, Chitwan, NepalTeam leader (Climate change and DRM expert)Coordinate study team, communicate and collaborate with DDC and UNDP, Design methodology for the work and supervise field survey, compile and finalize the report and presentation UNDP, Nepal2015
Quantitative and qualitative analysis impacts of landslide to local communities including infrastructure and recommend future course of action of disaster risk reduction, Kalikot District, Nepal. Team Leader/Disaster Risk Management ExpertIdentification of vulnerable community from the natural hazard with collection of socio-economic data such as loss of life, property, migration, impact on women etc. Data analysis and production of analytical report on the socio-economic impacts of landslide and recommendation for future action on landslide monitoring. Mission East2014
, Design and developlow cost and low tech Community Based Early Warning System (CBEWS) for Flash flood, Eastern NepalTeam Leader/Disaster Risk Reduction ExpertIdentification of flood hazard and develop a physical prototype of low-cost, low-tech flash flood early warning system.CFGORRP/UNDP Nepal2014
Preparation of District environment policy, Morang, NepalEnvironmental GeologistIdentification of physical features, geology and climate. Preparation of different environmental indicators map by using GIS and focus group discussion. District Development Committee, Morang, Nepal2014
Development of Ecosystem Based Sediment control techniques and Design of Siltation Dam to Protect Phewa Lake, Pokhara, NepalTeam Leader/ Disaster Risk Reduction ExpertResponsible for preparation of landslide hazard map, debris flow and flood hazard map of the basin using remote sensing and GIS techniques, Preparation of Siltation dam to control the sediment, Propose the Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Western Region Forest Directorate, Government of Nepal2014
Understanding the links of climate change forest fire and species regeneration and resilience pattern in Sacred Himalayan Landscape, NepalTeam Leader/Climate Change expertResponsible for study of land degradation due to forest fire, climate change and analysis of soil parameters with forest fire using field data, Remote sensing and GIS techniques. World Wide fund, Nepal2014
Carry out Hydrology/Hydrogeology study in Bangsingh VDCs of Panchase Area/Ecosystem based Adaptation in Mountain Ecosystem in NepalTeam Leader/Hydro-geologistResponsible for preparation of hydrogeological map using GIS and prepared a management plan for sustainable water useIUCN, Nepal2013
Preparation of the National Environmental policy and state of environment, NepalEnvironmental GeologistResponsible for analysis of physical environment focused on policy and state of environment. Ministry of Environment, Government of Nepal2012
Geo-technical study and Mitigating Measures Design of Landslides and Road in NepalEngineering GeologistCarried out field studies, prepared geological, engineering geological and hazard map in GIS. Prepared report focused to geological hazards in and around the project area with potential impact to project structures and prepared landslide hazard mapDepartment of Road, Nepal; Practical Action, Nepal; Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal; Full Bright Consultancy (p) Ltd, Nepal; Department of Water Induced Disaster and Management, Government of Nepal; Care Nepal2010-2017
geological and Engineering geological study of Different HydropowersEngineering GeologistProvided professional (Engineering geologist/geologist) input in feasibility and detailed studies of several hydropower projects.Carried out field studies, prepared geological, engineering geological and hazard map in GIS and prepared report focused to geological hazards in and around the project area with potential impact to project structures. Butwal Power Company; Fillbright Pvt. LTD.; ITECO Nepal; ADMcarto consult Nepal; Engen Consultancy Pvt. LTD.; PNet (p) LTD; BPC-ERMC, Nepal2010-2016
Preparation of EIA/IEE in different ProjectsEngineering GeologistCarried out field studies, prepared geological, engineering geological and hazard map in GIS and prepared report focused to geological hazards in and around the project area with potential impact to project structuresDDC, Jhapa; LRBP/ITECO Swiss; Prakriti Consult; FNCCI, Nepal2010-2016